Just my thoughts…

All my previous jobs have given me a clear understanding that primary, middle and high education should be non-soviet, adaptive, full of understanding, and some kind of partnership. Schools should never be the same again. Why? Modern education is not possible without accepting that we have a new generation now. We have a huge generation gap. We don’t understand each other. So modern teacher is a high-wire artist. He or she is balancing between modern ideas and previous generations’ legacy.
So yeap. A teacher is a high-wire artist.
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a tightrope is a tightly stretched wire or rope fixed high above the ground. What is the purpose? To across which skilled people walk, especially in order to entertain others.
I am a high-wire artist. I am walking a tightrope.
Every day of my work I should consider carefully the decisions or risks that I take in order to deal successfully with lots of different problems. And to choose. To defend the past or to praise something new or even the future. It’s my vision, and I think schools should think about that.

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