I am Multilingual English teacher.
English: advanced proficiency level;
Ukrainian: native proficiency level;
Russian: native proficiency level;
Polish: basic proficiency level.


Kyiv National Linguistic University
Kyiv, Ukraine (June 2013)
WES Canada confirmed.

Work experience:

I am an English teacher with more than 7 years of teaching experience, 2.5 years as an office administrator, 1.5 years as Head of the English Department, one year in Marketing, and the last half year as a technical writer in a support team. To know more about my experience, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Some of my Instagram photos

Photography is so much more than just taking pictures. It develops conceptual skills and technical expertise, and communicates creativity, positioning, and patience.


My on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including leadership and people skills. In addition to the information mentioned in my resume, my work experience includes the following skills:

Computer skills

Proficient in different OS (Windows, Linux, macOS) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Acrobat Pro).

Teamwork skills

As a tech.writer collaborated with team of more than 30 developers and support managers to achieve target results and obtain an in-depth understanding of the product.

Management skills

Managed efficient workflows by creating schedules, performing quality control and delegating work based on personnel strengths and knowledge.

Organizational skills

Teamed up with a group of 16 students throughout the working day, providing guidance and supporting all students. Explained and interpreted all school policies and procedures.

Office running skills

Skillfully coordinated office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance with company policies. Provided accurate data entry, organized and completed mail processing.

Teaching skills

Developed an innovative blended education project as a remote education alternative to reduce costs by 20% and increase revenue by 30%. The Principal’s office has accepted and implemented this project.